Suspect denies everything


The case of the serial murder against Romas continues. Police gathering the evidence: revealed that suspect Zsolt P. held the guns (which cops seized in club Perényi 1.) in his hands.

He denies that he has to do with the murders.

Experts found his and another suspect, István K.’s DNA on the weapons – describedby Magyar Nemzet newspaper.
Zsolt P’s lawyer, Mr Márton L?rincz said that his protegee denies that he has to do anything with the murders, however he admitted that Zsolt P.’s DNA is on the weapons. The authorities suspect him of participating attacks in Tarnabod, Piricse and Galgagyörk.

The alleged perpetrators of the "roma murders" has been arrested on the 21st of August by the counter-terrorism squad of the National Bureau of Investigation.