Dogs Killed a Woman Near Csurgó


Dogs killed an elderly woman in Csurgó. The seriously injured woman was taken to hospital, but she died of circulatory failure related to her injuries.

The Somogy County Prosecutor’s Office is bringing the man who kept the dogs to court for the crime of negligent homicide.

According to the information of the Attorney General’s Office, the man had been keeping his two strong dogs for a long time in such a way that the medium-sized animals could easily get out over the wire fence which was in poor condition. The dogs already bit a person in 2018, despite this, the man did not change the conditions. In March, the dogs jumped out again at the back of the yard and attacked a woman in her seventies who was working in a nearby open garden. The old woman was unable to defend herself, so the aggressive animals bit her head and limbs, and one of her leg bones was also broken. The attack by the dogs was noticed by a local resident who chased the dogs away, but by then the pensioner had suffered so serious injuries that she needed hospital treatment, where she died within a short time. In view of the negligent act, the prosecution requested a suspended prison sentence for the man.

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