Mutilated Corpse of a Child Was Found in Arad

Police reported a terrible case in the Romanian press: on Saturday, a mutilated body of a child was found next to a cemetery in Arad. The body was discovered by a man walking his dog, who immediately notified the authorities.


The police were unable to determine the age or gender of the victim on the spot, all that was certain that it was not an infant. also mentions that, according to local news sources, the corpse was missing its legs, and that it is rumored that several human remains were burned in the area, but no official confirmation was received yet.

Arad Online already wrote on Sunday that the victim may be an 8-9 year old child, and traces of burns could also be discovered on the body.

According to an official report, the police found the body of a 5-6-year-old girl, whose death was caused by a blow to her head with a blunt object. The body was probably set on fire due to the disappearance of traces. The victim has not yet been identified, so authorities are asking the locals for help.


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