VOLT Festival Will Not Be Held Next Year

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This year, the festival could only be organized with significant cost reductions.

VOLT Festival will not be held in 2023 – the organizers announced on Facebook, thanking their visitors for their support so far and the many messages of interest.

Even this year’s Sopron festival could only be created with significant cost reductions, and unfortunately, in the uncertain economic situation, we currently do not have the opportunity to organize VOLT at the level the audience was used to. Therefore, to our great sadness, VOLT will not be held in 2023 – can be read in the post.

In general, they add that they trust that the festival will be able to be organized again as the economic environment improves, but they do not make any reference to specific plans. The fate of VOLT and Balaton Sound became questionable already in the summer, after both festivals closed with a loss, and the former was also said to have fallen far short of expectations. At the time, Tamás Kádár said that a decision would be made about the fate of the two festivals after the evaluation of the season, which seems to have just happened in the case of VOLT.


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