Cloudy Weather Expected on Monday


On Monday, the sky will be very cloudy or overcast in the western and southwestern third of the country, in addition, cloudy weather is also likely in the northeast, but during the day, in the northeast, the clouds will only temporarily break and gradually thin, and the sun will shine in more and more places.

Between the two areas, in the central part of the country, there may be fewer clouds throughout the day, where the most sunshine is likely. Temporarily light rain and showers may occur at the southwestern border and with a lesser chance in the northeast. The north, north-west wind turns to the east in an increasingly large area, which may be accompanied by strong gusts at times. The highest daytime temperature is usually between 10 and 15 degrees, the weather will be colder in the northeast, where maximums of only 6 to 10 degrees are expected. By late evening, the air will cool down to between 0 and +8 degrees, the southwestern regions will have milder weather.




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