Temperature May Rise Above 20 Degrees Today


The Mediterranean cyclone that is besieging the Iberian Peninsula and the southern and western regions of the Alps is avoiding our country, so compared to the situation at the beginning of last week, the second wave of heavy rains will not occur.

During the following days, the weather in our country will be shaped by an anticyclone spreading to the east of us, which will bring warm air into our region. As a result, the current heat record was already broken on Tuesday morning, and there is a good chance that this will happen on Thursday as well – meteorologist László Molnár, an employee of Kiderül.hu reported.

The mild weather, which is extremely mild compared to the season, continues throughout the week. Throughout the country, cloudier and sunnier periods alternate in rapid succession, more clouds are expected in the west, while more sunshine is expected in the eastern areas. In the beginning, one or two showers may develop, but no significant precipitation should be expected. From Friday, compared to before, there will be more clouds everywhere, and scattered precipitation is likely in the southern part of Transdanubia: another Mediterranean cyclone will arrive to the southwest of us, and from the edge of it, there may be some rain in the southwest on Monday and Tuesday. However, in terms of temperature, the days ahead are much more “exciting”: we can measure maximums of 15-20, 16-21 degrees, these values ​​would be relevant in the middle of spring.

According to expectations, there is a good chance that the national heat record will be broken on Thursday as well.




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