Another 15,000 Professionals May Disappear From Healthcare System


Suddenly, another 15,000 professionals could disappear from the system, as there are so many who are about to retire, while 25,000 to 30,000 professionals are already missing, announced Zoltán Balogh, the president of the Hungarian Chamber of Health Professionals, at the conference of the Hungarian Hospital Association.

Zsolt Kiss, the director general of the National Health Insurance Fund, has already talked about the fact that while 200,000 surgeries are performed in the domestic care system a year, another 41,500 are waiting for intervention. As stated, the number of people on the waiting list increased by 2,000 compared to January, and 23,400 of them have been on the list for more than 60 days. The number of people waiting may increase even further, because they are trying to book more of the surgeries missed due to the pandemic.

In the case of hip and knee replacement surgeries, which represent the biggest care problem, there are still about 20,000 patients waiting for a year’s worth of care, and the service providers have not yet used the funds for about 6,000 operations of the surplus funds made available so far. Despite all of this, thanks to a new patient management system in specialist clinics, patients’ well-being may even improve – stated Zoltán Ónodi-Szűcs, the ministerial representative responsible for the transformation of the outpatient management system. He added that two and a half million people have already downloaded the application of the electronic health space, the so-called health window, in which patients can keep almost all of their data, which is essential for care, “at hand”. This application is one of the keys to the hoped-for improvement of patient satisfaction and the elimination of unnecessary patient trips – said the minister’s representative.

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