The government has backed down: it is still not possible to carry out clear-cutting in nature conservation areas


According to the amendment published in Tuesday’s Official Gazette, it is not possible to cut down trees in nature conservation or Natura 2000 areas, even though the original decree still allowed this – reported.

According to the original decree, trees could have been cut even in the protected natural area, but the amendment published in today’s notice overrides this idea.

The current amendment reads:

“Clearing in a forest of the primary purpose for nature conservation or Natura 2000, consisting of indigenous tree species, with a state of naturalness that is classified as a natural forest or a derivative forest, based on the target population for forest renewal obligations, and suitable for natural core forest renewal – Act XXXVII of 2009 on forests, forest protection, and forest management. with the exception of cases according to the law (hereinafter: Evt.) – it cannot be carried out”.

As an important additional change, the notification also stated that

the increased demand for firewood must be met by the state forest manager primarily by felling the acacia main tree in the transitional forest or cultivated forest.

According to the original decree, the government removed practically all prohibitions on logging.

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