71% of Hungarian Households Use Landline Internet


Fully 71% of Hungarian households have landline internet connection but 1.5 million Hungarians do not use the internet at all, according to a survey by the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH).


Another 2% of households have mobile internet connection through a device other than a mobile phone, so almost three-quarters of households can use the internet using a large screen. Among households where nobody has higher than primary education, only a quarter of households have large-screen internet. In households where at least one family member has a college or university degree, this ratio is 91%. Based on wealth, only 29% of those in the bottom one-third of the population can access the internet at home on a computer. In the top one-third, this ratio is 96% so almost everyone has large-screen internet access at home. Under the age of 40, almost everyone uses the internet, but only 30% of those aged over 70, the survey shows.

The survey based on interviews with 3,244 households was conducted between August 11 and September 11, 2020.




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