Iconic Restaurant in Győr is Closing After 42 Years

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Arrabona restaurant in Győr will close for good on November 26th, according to the restaurant’s Facebook page.

Business manager Zoltán Mike stated in a post that, unfortunately, the problems affecting the catering industry did not avoid them either. Among the reasons for the closure, he mentioned the coronavirus, the lack of staff, the increase in the price of raw materials and energy, as well as his uncertainty regarding the transformation of the store.

“Thank you for the opportunities offered regarding the continuation, which I would like to take advantage of in the future, but at the moment the most important thing is that we can properly close our operations here and that we can serve our guests to the maximum in the remaining time” – he declared.

He also thanked his colleagues for persevering during this difficult period and performing beyond their means. They also thank the guests for the encouragement and kindness they received. A few months ago, Új Szó Nálunk reported that the Arrabona restaurant, located in the Arrabona department store, may close due to remodeling, or at least move. According to the plans, a private clinic would be established on the top floor, so the place of the food bar would disappear. The place, famous for its hot sandwiches, has been located on the top floor of the store since its opening 42 years ago. In the article, it was written that the Arrabona restaurant not only brought back the retro experience of the eighties in its appearance, but also that many of the workers there were still from the original team: you know a worker who is 54 years old today and was 14 years old when he joined.


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