In a School in Győr There Will Be Classes on Saturdays So That They Don’t Have to Pay So Much Utilities in December

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In the St. Benedek Primary School in Győrszentiván, there will be classes on Saturdays until the autumn break, so the school can stay closed longer in the December period, which will seriously reduce their budget, Mária Kropfné Knipp, the school’s director writes in her letter to parents.


Schools are still planning attendance education, but are constantly considering the situation due to increased utility bills. The possibility of online education arose because the government announced an energy emergency in mid-July, so from August you will have to pay seven times more than the average consumption for gas and twice as much for electricity.

Several schools were worried about how they would be able to manage their increased utility bills, and there are some where the heads of institutions assess how much parents can help pay the bills.

The head of the school in Győrszentiván wrote in her letter: they are preparing for attendance education, but they had to take measures within their own framework to deal with the energy crisis.

Part of this was that there will be classes from 8 to 12 on Saturdays until the autumn break, and the seven days worked in this way will supplement the winter break.

“On Saturday school days, there will be block classes focusing on the main subjects, according to the timetable. There will be no ten o’clock, lunch and afternoon duty.”

Among the days to be worked, October 15th is a working day transfer anyway, October 31st will be a working day. The director wrote: lower school students are going on a trip to Budapest to MiniPolisz on October 1st.

Due to the extra working days of the autumn period, the winter break will be longer, from December 19th to January 6th.

According to the director, by increasing the number of educational days in the first two months, not only will they save on overhead costs for the December period, but this “also serves the efficiency of the learning process, considering the age of the children”.

It is not only schools that have problems paying the increased utility bills, language schools may also close, and language courses may become more expensive by up to 40 percent. However, there may be other reasons for this, such as inflation.
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