Now, Donald Trump Has a Criminal Record


Donald Trump turned himself in on Thursday at the Atlanta, Georgia prison, where he was registered following the criminal indictment last week, after which he will be free to leave on bail.

Donald Trump arrived in the Georgian city in the evening local time, where a formal arrest took place in the Fulton County Jail, as part of which he was fingerprinted and a registration photo, the so-called “mugshot”, was taken. Donald Trump left jail on $200,000 bail. Pursuant to the bail agreement, the former president cannot speak or communicate in public in a way that “intimidates” witnesses or co-accused. Violation of the agreement between the prosecutor and defense attorneys may result in imprisonment. Before his appearance in the Atlanta prison, Donald Trump replaced his former defense lawyer with a local lawyer, Steven Sadow, who specializes in “white collar” cases. In a statement, the lawyer confirmed the invitation and wrote that he will represent Donald Trump during the prosecution initiated in the state of Georgia. He added that, in his opinion, his client should never have been charged with the alleged acts of which he is innocent.

Prosecutor Fani Willis last Monday set Friday, August 25th as the deadline for the defendants to appear at the assigned Fulton County Jail in Atlanta.

On Thursday, the prosecutor surprisingly proposed an October trial for all the defendants in the case. Fani Willis indicated her proposal to the judge after one of the defendants in the case, Kenneth Chesebro – Donald Trump’s former campaign lawyer – requested a speedy trial. The judge approved the request and scheduled the trial for October 23rd, following which the prosecutor indicated that he would like the trial to begin in less than two months for all 19 defendants. Donald Trump’s new lawyer, Steven Sadow, has indicated that his client opposes the prosecutor’s motion. In the case of the 19 people involved in the prosecution, being registered in prison does not mean a court hearing. The prosecutor originally suggested that the official presentation of the charges take place in the week of September 5th. Last week, the Fulton County District Attorney indicted Donald Trump and 18 of his associates on a total of 41 counts of conspiracy to tamper with the results of the 2020 presidential election. On Wednesday, Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump’s former lawyer and former mayor of New York, who is also among the accused, turned himself in to the Atlanta prison.

On Thursday, at the same time as Donald Trump’s appearance in prison, the Republican chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, citing the oversight powers of the US legislature, requested all communications between the district attorney handling the case, Fanni Willis, and her office and the federal government, including the exchanges with special prosecutor Jack Smith, who brought federal criminal charges against Donald Trump. Jim Jordan justified the official request by saying, among other things, that there is a political motive in connection with the criminal case.


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