Áder Discusses Environmentally Friendly Carwash Technology on Podcast


On his Blue Planet podcast streamed on Monday, President János Áder discussed environmentally friendly carwash technology with the founder and managing director of the company CleanGo Services.


Áron Kaczur said that a biologically degradable concentrate is used and with the help of nanotechnology, a few litres of water is enough to wash a car clean instead of 120-130 litres needed for a conventional carwash. Globally, some 69,000 litres of pure water is being used every second for washing cars and the hazardous chemicals can make their way back in the environment despite water treatment, he added. The Hungarian company has been set up to reduce the biological footprint of carwash, he added. The company is currently in talks with investors and plans to introduce the technology throughout the region and later export it to the whole of Europe, he said.




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