Spar Recalls Twix, Bounty and Snickers Ice Creams

Gastro National

Spar chainstore withdraws three ice creams from the market due to ethylene oxide contamination, the company said on its website. Bounty, Twix and Snickers ice creams have been recalled.


These are the following products:

SNICKERS ICE CREAM Multipack 6 * 53ML Best before: 31.01.2023. lot identifiers: 105E3DOE02, 105F1DOE02, 107G1DOE02

TWIX ICE CREAM Multipack 6 * 43ML Best before: 31.10.2022. lot identifiers: 047C1DOE01, 047C2DOE01

BOUNTY ICE CREAM Multipack 6 * 50ML Best before: 28.02.2022, lot ID: 010E1DOE02 shelf life: 28.02.2023, lot identifiers: 113A1DOE01, 113A2DOE01

Spar asks everyone who has bought the product not to consume it. They added: ice creams can be taken back to any store, the purchase price of the products will be refunded.


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