Defence Minister Holds Talks With Ukrainian Counterpart


Hungarian Defence Minister Tibor Benkő discussed regional security and military cooperation, among other issues, with Oleksii Reznikov, his Ukrainian counterpart, in Budapest on Tuesday.


The meeting also touched on the situation of ethnic Hungarians in Ukraine’s Transcarpathia region, according to the article published on the Armed Forces’ website Benkő said Hungary considered all forms of aggression “unacceptable” and urged dialogue and political solutions.

Parties at the talks also discussed threats to Europe’s security that also impact the central and eastern European region. They were in agreement that the stability of the Western Balkan region and the factors impacting it, such as mass illegal migration, have a strong effect on Hungary’s security.

Reznikov briefed Benkő about the threats Ukraine has encountered on its border, such as the build-up of troops on the east and illegal migration. Benkő underscored Hungary’s support for Ukraine’s independence, national sovereignty and territorial integrity. Hungary also agrees with the European Union and NATO’s position on the annexation of Crimea and condemns military intervention in eastern Ukraine, he said.

As regards bilateral military cooperation, Benkő said Hungary was prepared to help deepen practical cooperation between NATO and Ukraine and noted Hungary’s participation in the training of Ukraine’s special operational forces and the exploration of practical cooperation possibilities in several military areas. The meeting at the defence ministry was also attended by the two countries’ army chiefs.


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