International regulators’ recommendations on COVID-19 vaccines and the Omicron variant

International regulators have published a report today highlighting their discussions on the effectiveness of current vaccines against the COVID-19 Omicron variant, regulatory requirements for a variant vaccine and considerations on clinical study design. The workshop on the global response to the COVID-19 Omicron variant was organised under the umbrella of the International Coalition of Medicines Regulatory Authorities […]

Euro area monthly balance of payments: November 2021

Current account recorded €24 billion surplus in November 2021, up from €19 billion in previous month Current account surplus amounted to €320 billion (2.7% of euro area GDP) in 12 months to November 2021, up from €195 billion (1.7%) one year earlier In financial account, euro area residents’ net acquisitions of non-euro area portfolio investment securities totalled €878 […]

Extensive literature searches on bromine and ochratoxin A in feed

Background: EFSA has received mandates from the European Commission for a scientific opinion on Ochratoxin A (OTA) in feed and for a scientific opinion on bromine in feed. These mandates were allocated to the EFSA CONTAM Panel which will establish two working groups to be tasked with developing these opinions. The first opinion will be an update […]

COVID-19: latest safety data provide reassurance about use of mRNA vaccines during pregnancy

Vaccination remains a major pillar of the response to COVID-19, particularly as variants of the virus continue to spread in EU/EEA countries. EMA’s COVID-19 task force (ETF) highlights the growing evidence indicating that mRNA COVID-19 vaccines do not cause pregnancy complications for expectant mothers and their babies.

ASC publishes report on digitalisation and the future of banking

In a new report entitled “Will video kill the radio star?”, the ESRB’s Advisory Scientific Committee (ASC) takes stock of the many forces currently affecting Europe’s banking system (including climate change, the growth of non-banks, overbanking and the COVID-19 pandemic) and looks at how digitalisation could change the way that financial and banking services are […]